Dividend policy of YOLO S.A.

The general rule of the Management Board’s policy regarding dividend is execution of dividend pay-outs in the amounts appropriate to profits generated by YOLO S.A. and Company’s ability to pay dividend. The Management Board provides dividend pay-out recommendations taking into account Company’s financial liquidity and financing necessary for development of its operations.

The Management Board plans to distribute at least 15% of the annual net profit of YOLO S.A. generated for the given financial year to dividend pay-out, starting from 2011. The actual share of the net profit distributed to dividend pay-out for the given year recommended by the Management Board to the Shareholders would depend on Company’s financial standing and financing required by the Company. According to the Law, the General Shareholders Meeting is a corporate body with the right to adopt resolutions regarding dividend pay-outs.



Dividend day

Dividend payment day

No. of shares entitled to dividends

Dividend per share

Total value of paid dividend

2017 26.05.2017 09.06.2017 13 252 527*   PLN 2,85   PLN 37 769 701
2017 20.02.2017 02.03.2017 13 252 527*   PLN 2,75   PLN 36 444 449
2014 12.06.2014 30.06.2014 19 700 000   PLN 0,12   PLN  2 364 000
2012 29.06.2012 13.07.2013 19 700 000   PLN 0,16   PLN 3 152 000

* 6 527 363 own shares held at that time by YOLO S.A. did not participate in dividend pay-outs in accordance with Article 348 §1 (second sentence) of the Commercial Companies Code