31 January 2022 Further directions of the Company’s development
According to resolutions of General Meeting, the Company plans to develop in the area of infrastructure for electric cars by building a network of charging stations and develop of IT tools allowing for the optimization of retail customer service by electric station owners. more >
13 January 2022 Resignation of the Management Board Members
As of today, 13th January, 2022, members of the Management Board Mr. Krzysztof Piwoński and Mr. Maciej Królik resigned from their positions of the Company's Management Board Members. Currently, the Management Board of YOLO S.A. is represented by single Management Board Member.
03 January 2022 Change to the agenda of the Extraordinary General Meeting
At the request of an entitled shareholder, the Management Board of YOLO S.A. introduces a change to the agenda of the Extraordinary General Meeting convened for January 24, 2022, by adding point 10 of the agenda concerning the split of shares and the amendment to the Articles of Association of the Company. more >
29 December 2021 Convening Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting
Management Board of YOLO S.A. (“the Company”) hereby convenes the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting of the Company, to be held on 24th January 2022 at 11:00 a.m. in Warsaw, in the Notary's Office Rafal Brandt Joanna Okonska Sebastian Chaber Notariusze s.c., Mokotowska 46A street, Premises No. 27. more >
28 December 2021 Appointment of the Management Board Member
The Management Board of YOLO S.A. (“ the Company”) informs that the Supervisory Board of the Company appointed today a new Member of the Management Board, Mr. Pawel Kicinski. The appointment takes place on the day of adopting this resolution for the duration of the current term of office of the Management Board, which is going to end on the day of approval of Company’s financial statements for the year 2021 by the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of YOLO S.A.