27 June 2019 Issue of series I bonds
On June 24th 2019 YOLO successfully issued bonds worth 1.5 million zlotych. 3-year unsecured ordinary bearer series I bonds with nominal value of 1 000 zlotych each, have an variable interest rate of WIBOR 3M increased by a constant margin of 4.28 percentage points yearly. YOLO will not take steps to enter the Bonds into Multilateral Trading Facility on Catalyst or to entering Bonds into regulated market. more >
14 June 2019 Issue and subscription of “B” Series Share Options by the Entitled Persons
Under the regulations of Share Option Programme adopted on 21st August 2017, the Company has issued and offered to the Entitled Persons the total number of 65 334 (sixty five thousand three hundred thirty four) “B” Series Share Options (“Share Options”) The offered Share Options are convertible to the total number of 65 334 “B” series ordinary bearer shares of nominal value of PLN 1.00 each. The shares are going to be issued within the limit of the conditional increase of Company’s share capital, with excluded subscription rights of the current shareholders of the Company. Each “B” Series Share Option is convertible to one “B” Series share of the Company at the issue price of PLN 1.01 more >
10 June 2019 Intention to issue bonds with a value of 2 million PLN
Management Board of YOLO S.A. informed today about adoption of a resolution on issue in a private placement of 2.000 unsecured bearer bonds of I series, with nominal value of 1.000 zlotych each and aggregated value of 2.000.000 zlotych. Issue price of Bonds equals their nominal value of 1.000 (one thousand) zlotych. Bonds will have an variable interest rate of WIBOR 3M increased by a constant margin of 4,28 percentage points yearly. Redemption period of Bonds was set for 36 months from the allocation date.
29 April 2019 Adoption of the resolution concerning going concern of the Company
Today, the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of YOLO S.A. passed a resolution on continuation of business operation of the Company. Resolution was passed as yearly balance sheet of the Company shows loss exceeding the sum of supplementary and reserve capital and one third of stock capital of the Company (pursuant to art. 397 of the Polish Companies Code). A description of all resolutions adopted by the General Meeting is in the current report No. 8/2019 and in the Archives of General Meetings.
Yesterday, the Management Board of YOLO S.A. approved the company’s new strategy. The company continues to rely its growth on increasing the number of loans sale, which is possible by acquiring external financing on the one hand and, on the other hand, through the products attractiveness. more >