We are a team of 30 creative, innovative and experienced specialists. We are aiming at a challenging goal – providing consumer loans in the business model, which has not been introduced on the Polish market, yet. We are motivated and determined to build a new, better quality on the Polish non-banking loan market.

Our foundations is a 20-year experience earned on the financial market, when we operated under “P.R.E.S.C.O.” brand. Our wide experience allow us to create unique offering, which perfectly meets market needs.


YOLO is an organization, which is not a market follower - it is ahead of its time, the company that is more customer friendly than all others and provides satisfaction to all its stakeholders.

Our philosophy of running the business is based on two pillars – building relations with Customer and generating added value for our shareholders. We proved our effectiveness by closing in the first half of 2016 the transaction, which allowed us to close our operations on the Polish NPL market with a satisfactory financial gain.


Product needs to be straight-forward, flexible, customer friendly and easily available!

It’s time to revolutionize the loan market. We say NO to old-fashioned loans, expensive payday loans and banking red-tape! YOLO provides completely different, modern standards, YOLO means convenience and flexibility. And all of the above is available at a decent price. This is why with YOLO  - you can more!



If spending money could be “economical“, it’s possible only with YOLO

We’ve taken care of proper product characteristics: no hidden contractual “customer traps”, no insurances, no hidden fees or provisions in small print. Customers can be sure that using our products, they will pay only for financing provided by YOLO, which they actually used.


We offer products, which are tailor-made to address the needs of our customers, and which are also free of hidden costs, provisions or legal tricks in contractual terms.

POŻYCZKA YOLO - installment loans, which is perfectly known to customers on the financial market. The loan repayment is more convenient to customers’ household budgets in long-term, given regular repayments of equal monthly installments

KARTA TRZYNASTKA -  renewable loan provided to customers on prepaid debit cards, is characterized by convenient, flexible repayment amount and term dependent on the amount of loan limit actually utilized by the customer. The product is, therefore, similar to credit card, and distributed on prepaid cards with many attractive designs. This loan product is an ideal solution for customers, who can afford a one-off ballot principal repayment at the end of the loan contract.