MODERNITY – in YOLO it means both innovative and systematic approach to management. It allows for setting clear and transparent targets, monitoring their execution on regular basis, and, consequently, rewarding for their successful achievement. It has one goal – to operate in a more efficient and effective manner.

STABLE FOUNDATIONS OF THE COMPANY – YOLO is a publicly listed company, with 20-year history in the financial sector. Working for such a company means financial stability, but first of all opportunity to learn the highest working standards and to obtain fantastic job references for the future career.

„What does working for the publicly listed company mean to me? For sure more work at financial reporting. And speaking more seriously, I am happy to work at the only company in our region, which meets the high standards and criteria required from publicly listed entities. It also allows me to feel more confident as an employee.” – Joanna

DEVELOPMENT DYNAMICS – leads to constant inflow of new challenges and project. It also requires constant personal development and acquiring of new skills. At the same time, development of the company provides better opportunities for promotion and career development.

„You need to accustom yourself to the fact you cannot get used to anything at YOLO. Just like now, when we are about to enter the consumer loans market, the project, which is very important for me, because I committed lots of my effort to it.” – Maciej

WORKING WITH THE BEST – individuals working for YOLO are experts in their fields: finance, IT, sales & marketing. Employees learn new skills from them, acquire practical knowledge and necessary experience.

„In YOLO I have learnt, how to put theoretical knowledge in practice. In fact only their combination allowed me to become a true expert in my profession.” – Adam

ATTRACTIVE REMUNERATION PACKAGE – remuneration, motivating bonuses for achievement of professional goals and opportunity to participate in the Managerial Share Option Scheme.

TEAM SPIRIT – man does not live by work alone. YOLO has always organised unique integration events. All employees are welcome to use so called “relaxation area”, where you can play table football or play on the console. YOLO team members are also willing to engage in CSR activities, together working for the local community.

„We would not be such a well-integrated team at work, if we had not feel great in the company of our colleagues also after leaving the office. And I don’t mean only integration at parties. Sometimes it’s good to “wave” a shovel or organise “Santa Clause” event for children from the neighbourhood.”– Tomek